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About Me

Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated to nature and its wildlife. Before VCRs, Videogames and the Internet, a young boy living in small town had much more time to explore his surroundings outside.

 I didn’t have a camera back then, but thru my travels and adventures I managed to capture many interesting images in my head. Who knew back then that I would years later still be consumed with pleasure when I stepped outside to explore. The only 2 differences from then and now is:

 #1. My ability to see a place or thing I want to experience and being able to get in a car or plane to see it.

 #2. I now have a camera to capture all those memories and document where I have been.

 I've been taking images nature and wildlife for 19 years now and thoroughly enjoy it. Being "one with Nature" is serene, relaxing and gives me a sense of purpose to Preserve the Beauty of Nature

”One Click at a Time”